CUE Korea Core Competitiveness

Your Business Growth Partner
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  • The Industry Influence

    As a top-tier partner of China's mainstream media, including search engines, social media, app stores, and ad exchange, CUE Korea only provides the highest quality services.
  • Media Purchase Power

    Stable traffic and space secured by executing full-scale advertisements of more than 80 million USD per year per media
  • One-Stop Integrated Service

    Integrated services by having organizations and affiliates in various fields within the group (MCN, game marketing, digital advertising, e-commerce operation agency, PR/IP business)
  • Large-scale Professional Workforce

    The professional workforce from the digital industry, such as BAT(Baidu/Alibaba/Tencent) and 4A
  • International Business Network

    Offices and service basements in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia
  • AI Technology Development

    AI developers serving in the areas of digital marketing and smart retail to craft advanced technology
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