Digtal Technology

Based on artificial intelligence and Big data analysis,
CUE proposes an optimized operation plan for offline stores and facilities.

Smart Retail Solution

AI solution that converts all processes that occur in retail stores into data through video analysis
The marketing solution provides visiting customer analysis, store space optimization,
purchase conversion/sales analysis, inter-store analysis/management, and DATA Report

  • Store operation management solution for staff operation management, store condition management, and POS data analysis/management
  • Smoking/Damaged Goods/Fall Detection
    A store security solution that identifies security-related violations occurring in stores

Our service

Measures and dataization the operational status of offline stores for efficient management and improvements to be made.

  • Customer Traffic Analysis

    Analyze the gender, age, and the rate of visiting customers
    compared to the passers-by
  • Store Layout Optimization

    Relocate shelves and products according to the customer
    movement and interest
  • Sales Analysis

    Identify products of interest to customers by date / time frame and analyze purchase conversion rates and consumption patterns.
  • Inter-store Analysis/Management

    Identify issues in each store based on order analysis
    by data of all stores
  • Customized Dashboard

    Statistical indicators and dashboards customized for each client
  • Data Report

    Customized reports according to client needs, including marketing effectiveness analysis and staff optimization analysis

Solution Package

These are CUE Korea’s packages.

  • Light

    3 Cameras Minimum

    • In-store Customer Analysis
    • Purchase Conversion Analysis
      (POS data linkage required)
    • Visiting Customer Analysis
    • Inter-store Analysis
    • Core Area Movement Analysis
      (additional camera required)
    • Store Layout Analysis
      (additional camera required)
    • Stay Time Analysis
      (additional camera required)
    • Store Service Analysis
      (staff attendance data linkage)
    • Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

    Marketing Solution

  • Basic

    5 Cameras Minimum

    • Marketing Solution
    • Check for missing sales
    • Check for confirmed transaction
    • Check for discounted transaction
    • Check for accumulated point
    • Recognize worker uniform
      (Check for the no. of in-store employees)
    • Check for product display
    • Check for store hygienics

    Marketing + Management Solution

  • Pro

    8 Cameras Minimum

    • Marketing & Management Solution
    • Fire Detection
    • Detect acts of damaging goods
    • Detect drunk person
    • Detect falling person
      (such as elderly)
    • Detect acts of violence
    • Check for an unauthorized person after business hours
    • Link security alarm with police, fire department, or management

    Marketing + Management + Security Solution

Intro video

Check the Intro Video.

Operation Management Policy for Personal Information regarding Smart Retail Solution

CUE’s Smart Retail Solution processes information anonymously, so there are no legal or security issues that can happen without visitor consent.
For more information on Smart Retail Solutions, please refer to the document below.

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